Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer 15.4.3508.1109

Free blogging tool for Windows Live users


  • Faster than online blogging
  • Imports your theme
  • Customizable


  • Cannot delete posts from app


Windows Live Writer 2009 is a fantastic tool for anyone who keeps a blog.
It can be downloaded separately, or as part of the Windows Live pack of applications. To get started, you have to sign in with the URL and login details of your blog (it claims to support all blog systems) and then you're good to blog away.

Everything you can do on Blogger or Wordpress can be done Windows Live Writer, and there's more too. Inserting pictures is easier, as you no longer have to stop to upload them, and there are tools for editing pictures too. You can add a range of borders, change the size and add a range of effects, all at the click of a button, and you can easily undo anything you don't like.

You can also insert tables video and even maps really easily, especially when compared to Blogger. Another cool feature is setting the publishing date - it has the most intuitive future publishing tool we've seen. Also, when saving a draft, you can choose whether to save it on your hard drive or upload it to your blog account, which is a nice touch. The last big thing to mention is that Windows Live Writer can import your blog theme, so you can get a true WYSIWYG preview without being online at all. There is also the usual option to view the source code for the advanced bloggers among you.

There is little to criticize here, although the first time you upload pictures you will have to go through an online sign-up and validation process, but after that the experience is seamless. The only other point is that there doesn't appear to be any way to delete posts from the app, though that is a very unusual thing to do for bloggers,

Anyone keeping a blog should give Windows Live Writer a whirl, it really is a wonderful application.

Video support XHTML compliant Plug-ins


  • Video support XHTML compliant Plug-ins
Windows Live Writer


Windows Live Writer 15.4.3508.1109

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